Weltall Group Flight order

Hawker-700 RA-02771

Hawker-700 is a business-class twin-engine jet aircraft developed by British Aerospace (now Hawker Beechcraft), which allows you to comfortably perform long flights (up to 5 hours) without refueling.

Seats on the plane 8
Airplane flight 750 km / h
Flight range 3.500 km
 magazines копия 3.png Interior and painting
aircraft completely
updated in 2018
 bathrooms копия 4.png Designed for
8 passengers   
 walking-scalator копия 5.png Always flies with you
flight attendant
 fork-and-knife копия 6.png Always feed you
hot meals
 bar копия 8.png Only the best in the bar
and exclusive alcohol
 aircraft-marshall копия 9.png You are always in touch, 
because the plane is 
equipped satellite phone